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e-Learning Model Development

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 Akhmad Fathurrohman, 2011. Effect Model Development e Learning on Student Learning Achievement Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Muhammadiyah Semarang. PPs UDINUS. Advisor: Dr. Abdul Syukur and Hendro Subagyo, M. Eng.

e-Learning model development is an alternative that allows to improve the quality of learning outcomes in FK Unimus.

The purpose of this study: 1) Applying e-learning as a supporter of the conventional learning process at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Muhammadiyah Semarang (FK Unimus), (2) improve the quality of learning to be optimized by implementing e-learning in the FK Unimus, and (3) students FK Unimus able to increase your own potential in the learning process through e-learning.

This research study is an action research approach to research and development (Research and Development), that is by designing a system of information technology-based learning via the web portal e-Leaning, which applied on FK Unimus, with a sample of 50 student.

Research results: (1) By applying e-learning at the FK Unimus as an alternative to conventional learning support for media in the learning process, (2) factors supporting the development of elearning learning in FK Unimus namely (a) the ability to take advantage of the lecturer in information technology was rated by respondents still relatively poorly, that not all faculty use information technology in the management of learning, (b) the design of e-learning learning model, assessed the respondent is still not so good, especially with regard to the number of learning content and model evaluation, (c) students in general have been quite actively utilize information technology in learning, and (3) there is significant influence the availability of information technology facilities, the ability of faculty using information technology, the design of e-learing teaching models, and the activeness of students using information technology to achievement FK Unimus student learning, previously in conventional learning student learning outcomes is still relatively low, whereas after implementing e-learning becomes more student achievement increases.

From the above results the authors propose the following recommendations (1) To the leaders FK Unimus expected to improve the facilities of information technology, both hardware, software, and Internet bandwidth capacity sufficient to smooth the learning process, (2) there needs to be increased capacity faculty to use information technology so that it can manage well through the portals of learning with e-learningyangtelah provided, (3) teachers need to direct the students are clear about the course materials that can be accessed via computer networks (internet / intranet). (4) required a synergy between FK Unimus leadership, learning management, information technology manager FK Unimus, in order to obtain the design model of learning that can enhance students’ learning achievement, (5) required further evaluation of the use of information technology in learning.

Keyword: development, e-learning

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    • fathur says:

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      March 7, 2017 at 8:47 AM
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  • Inding Gusmayadi says:

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    • fathur says:

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      March 21, 2018 at 11:31 AM
  • Rakhmad Yusminto says:

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    • fathur says:

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  • Rizki Dicky says:

    Pak, untuk website researchgate itu unimus bisa akses tidak? Jika tidak, boleh kah saya minta password dari unimus? Terimakasih.

    January 17, 2018 at 8:02 PM
  • oleh kita says:

    ini bisa menjadi referensi buat saya, terima kasih

    March 1, 2018 at 11:26 AM

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